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Zero gas emission T3 Series
Field Power Swap-able Modules
Power Modules Charging Unit

Clean Energy At T3 Motion, Inc., we believe that our technology should be a benefit to both our professional end-users and the environment.

The T3 Series electric stand-up vehicle (ESV) is one of the most energy efficient ways to move humans and cargo from point to point without producing any environmentally harmful gas emissions.

CLEAN ENERGY = "GREEN" RESULTS The zero gas emission T3 Series gets the equivalent of over 500 miles a gallon*. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, the T3 Series is also extremely cost-effective. The T3 Series uses about 1.5 kilowatt of electricity to fully recharge in less than four hours. Based on California energy rates, the T3 Series costs ten cents a day to recharge*. Per mile, the energy costs are a half cent*. The electrical recharge costs for a distance of 10,000 miles is less than $60 total*.

The T3 Series is truly an unlimited range electric vehicle. With a second set of batteries ("Power Modules"), the T3 Series is the first multi-shift electric personal mobility vehicle designed for professional applications. With two sets of Power Modules, the T3 Series is capable of 24-hour unlimited range operation. The Power Modules can easily be hot-swapped in less than one minute.

T3 Motion, Inc. has conducted first-party research with multiple national security, property management, and law enforcement entities. The T3 Motion fuel cost analysis was focused on the use of an electric T3 Series vehicle versus a gasoline-powered automobile/SUV for outdoor patrol-based applications. The initial data gathered from these agencies reveals:

At $2.25 per gallon, annual savings of $17,500 to $24,500 per gasoline-powered vehicle replaced (excluding gas vehicle annual lease or purchase price costs). R.O.I. averages seven months (estimated cost of $9,500 per T3 Series vehicle). After amortizing the cost of the T3 over 3 years, annual savings are $14,500 to $21,500.

The T3 Series electric personal mobility vehicle is the ideal solution for outdoor patrols like parking facilities, perimeter security, sporting/concert venues, business districts, and community relations. It proves that clean energy is cost-effective.

ECO-SENSITIVE CONSTRUCTION The T3 Series is constructed with the latest environmentally-friendly materials and techniques. Each T3 Series vehicle is built using a lead-free assembly process. The new T3 Series body is comprised of fully-recyclable ABS polycarbonate blend plastics. In addition, all T3 Printed Circuit Board Assemblies ("PCBA") are made from lead-free materials and the metals used in the frame are recyclable. T3 Motion uses paint and cover coats that are lead-free. Each of the three tires is also recyclable. The T3 Series Lithium-polymer batteries have a three to five year life span after which T3 Motion offers its customers a battery recycling program.

Inside and out, the T3 Series vehicle is designed and built to be not only good for the planet, but good for the bottom line.

 Gas ($2.25/Gallon)  $12,400.00  15 gallon tank $33.75/day
 Maintenance  $1,200.00  Oil Changes, Tune Ups, Tires, & Service
 Insurance  $3,600.00  $300 per Month
 Registration  $300.00  Once per year
 Annual Total  $17,500.00  ($7,000.00 variance across market sectors)
*Based on $.10 per Kilowatt per hour
*Based on average daily operation range of 15 to 20 miles

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