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Introducing the T3MT "Moving Tripod" and T41 Trailer from T3 Motion, designed to support and assist camera crews during the film production process.

The inspiration for the vehicle came from the film and video production industry itself--T3 Motion innovators started asking questions of industry experts about portable camera uses, applications, and issues and discovered that current cameras are cumbersome to the point of limiting their effectiveness.

The T3MT and T41 Trailer technologies assist Steadicam™, Glidecam™ and other camera system operators to ride comfortably and safely with the camera attached to the vehicle itself rather than the operator, allowing for flawless content production and decreasing operator fatigue. The T41 Trailer eliminates the need for laying a track while filming. Additionally, the new platform will feature a seven-inch high-definition monitor with an anti-glare screen that will allow the camera operator to view the images while filming.

T41 Trailer
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Full 360 degree rotating chair with backrest
Two Steadicam™/Glidecam™ mounting posts
Seat belt

T3MT "Moving Tripod":  
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Travel up to 15 mph
Forward and reverse driving capabilities
Two 12 VDC, 60 A/h batteries to power accessories such as lights, cameras and monitors (90 A/h batteries optional)
Cameraman seat
Two Steadicam™/Glidecam™ mounting posts
25-mile range with patented swappable battery system for all-day use (40 mile range optional)

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