T3 Motion is prooud to annouce it's new PROCARE™ National Fleet Maintenance Program, designed to ensure the highest quality preventative maintenance and repair services available.With PROCARE™ Services now available from Coast to Coast throughout the Continenal United States and Puerto Rico you'll never worry again about where or who'll you'll be able to depend on to keep your entire fleet in tip top condition.

We know it's important to understand your fleet maintenance strategy to ensure it's aligned with your organization's financial and business strategies. Our PROCARE™ Fleet Maintenance program is the ultimate way to protect you from the unpredictable nature of fleet maintenance expenses, giving you a fully customizable solution that allows for a truly fixed cost national deployment.

When it comes to the operational reliability of your fleet, whether it's routine scheduled vehicle maintenance or emergency vehicle repairs, only the best program will do to ensure your ability to deliver mission critical operations. Our nationwide maintenance program provides all of the services your fleet needs including scheduled preventative maintenance and emergency repairs all backed by the best SLA agreements in the industry and more – all for one predictable monthly cost.


With PROCARE™ virtually every component of your vehicle is covered in the event of mechanical failure – even if it results from normal wear and tear if your covered by our PROCARE™ ULTIMATE PROTECTION PLAN.* If it’s not on the short list of what’s not covered, it’s covered.

PROCARE™ protects you against unexpected financial surprises by covering costly parts and labor expenses. If repairs are necessary one of our Corporate Mobile Fleet Maintenance Vehicles will be there in a hurry to take care of it for you or if you're within a territory covered by a T3 Motion Dealer Service Center they'll take care of you conveniently from their local center.

Our comprehensive, customized full service fleet maintenance solutions provide measurable results while keeping your costs contained and your fleet on the road.

PROCARE™ Maintenance Service Components Include:

  • PROCARE™ Fleet Preventative Maintenance Services.
    We provide everything from warranted parts and repairs to a service manager that ensures fleet performance deliverables are met.
  • PROCARE™ Scheduled On-site Preventitive Maintenance Inspections.
    You'll never have to worry about who's looking after your fleet with T3 Technicians on-site to to provide regular secheduled service inspections of your entire fleet ensuring that the small things are caught before they become big things that cause downtime and out of service vehicles.
  • PROCARE™ Guaranteed Parts Availability
    With PROCARE™ you'll also have the peace of mind of knowing that in the event you've experienced a failure, that we'll also have the parts available to get your vehicle back in service when you need it. If for any reason we can't provide the required parts to complete the repairs, we'll even provide you with a loaner vehicle FREE of Charge until we can get you back in service. Either way your covered with by our factory technician who will deliver the highest levels of efficiency and service available.
  • PROCARE™ Inventory management.
    You'll enjoy the most efficient inventory system plus achieve the lowest carrying costs. Why? We carry the inventory on our books so you only pay for parts when they're used on your vehicles.
  • PROCARE™ Fleet Field Maintenance.
    On-road breakdowns and accidents need quick, expert response. Our field maintenance services will take care of everything from quick fixes, to towing, to accident repair management.
  • PROCARE™ Mobile technology installation and equipment up-fitting.
    Your fleet is customized with OEM and aftermarket electronics and safety components. From mobile technologies, to sirens and lights, to prisoner transport seats, we provide expert up-fitting and removal.
  • PROCARE™ Preventive Maintenance.
    Our stringent beginning-to-end preventive maintenance (PM) program includes scheduled routine inspections and servicing to proactively avoid breakdowns. This in-depth program contributes to lower operating costs while increasing vehicle availability and reliability.
  • PROCARE™ Repairs.
    Our skilled technicians perform on site and mobile repairs and quick fixes as necessary to keep your fleet moving.
  • PROCARE™ Management Reporting.
    Gain more control over your fleet with 24/7 access to performance and critical fleet data.
  • And more. . .
    designed and delivered to meet your fleet operating objectives.
Vehicle Coverage

PROCARE™ Service provides premium and comprehensive protection and benefits.

Parts and Labor Costs

Virtually every mechanical, electrical and electronic component of your vehicle is covered against failure – even if it results from wear and tear.*

That includes parts and labor on:

On-Site Service

PROCARE™ services are available anywhere in the United States and Canada by calling our toll-free number for:

  • Vehicle Breakdowns
  • Any covered repair

Fleet Loaner Vehicles

If the required vehicle repaire is covered under PROCARE™ Service Plan then you’re also covered for FREE Vehicle Loaners if we can't get you back in service within the agreed upon time.

Choose the PROCARE™ term that is best for your situation. Coverage is offered based on years of anticipated ownership and annual mileage driven. Deductible choices are available from $0 to $200, meaning you can limit or virtually eliminate unanticipated out-of-pocket expenses for covered repairs.

PROCARE™ can be purchased at any time during the new vehicle limited warranty period, but the earlier you buy, the better the value. If a vehicle is out of warranty when it is purchased, Major Guard can only be bought at the time of vehicle purchase. You can even make Major Guard part of your monthly payment.

Repair paperwork is gone too, because everything is taken care of by your T3 Factory Technician.

If you decide to sell your vehicle, PROCARE™ can be transferred to the new owner for a small administrative fee.

With PROCARE™ your vehicle is protected. Regardless of the term you select, PROCARE™ will give you peace of mind for the long run.

Component Coverage

It’s as simple as this: If it’s not on the very short list of what’s not covered, it’s covered!

  • Motors
  • Front / Rear / All-wheel-drive components
  • Electronic and Electrical components
  • Charging systems
  • Brake pads & Rotors
  • Frame components
  • Display, Lighting and Audio / Video components
  • Suspension (Front / Rear)
  • Steering components
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Safety components
  • Wiring components

Non-Covered Parts
  • Sheet metal
  • Batteries
  • Body parts, panels, and rails
  • Bumpers
  • Floor Mats
  • Paint
  • Rust damage
  • Trim, moldings, and bright metal
  • Tires

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